Laura’s Amazing (and Easy!) Pulled Pork Sammiches

What you’ll need:

  • 1 medium sized slow cooker
  • 1 pork shoulder (or other large cut with a decent amount of fat on it) – around 3 pounds/1.35 kg
  • 1 large bowl for shredding – I emphasize large, because it’ll make it way less likely that you’ll throw shredded meat all over the room
  • 2 forks
  • fresh buns


  • 1/4 cup of marmalade (tangerine marmalade or hot pepper jelly also work well)
  • about 3/4 cup of ketchup
  • about 1/4 cup of demerara (dark brown) sugar – to taste
  • (optional – if you want a little extra sauce) 1/2 to 1 full can of cola – or even better – root beer.  Great use for flat pop, but using fizzy is good too.
  • (optional) 1 dollop (tbsp) Kraft BBQ sauce for sour BBQ kick
  • (optional) hot sauce to taste

What to do:

This is so easy to make, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never tried it before!

Sure there are 14 steps, but really I just like typing.

  1. Put all the Sauce ingredients in a microwaveable/stove-top safe measuring bowl (that way you don’t need to pre-measure your ingredients!)
  2. To melt the brown sugar, put in microwave for 10-15 seconds, or just stir patiently over a little heat on the stove until it mostly melts
  3. Taste-test the sauce: it should be sweet, mildly citrus-y, and not too tangy. Too tangy for your liking, add more brown sugar.  This is not a dish to be thinking about your calorie intake!  🙂
  4. Throw (not literally, unless you have good aim) your pork shoulder/ribs/roast into your slow cooker
  5. Pour your Awesome-Laura-Sauce over it. Try to cover all parts of the meat to ensure equal tastiness absorption
  6. Turn your slow cooker to Low.  Sometimes I like to feel like I’m cooking, so after an hour or so I turn it to Medium for an hour, then back to Low.  You probably don’t need to do this.
  7. Turn your meat over (I find I need a fork to help grab it) once every 3 hours or so.  Just helps in maintaining moisture all over the surfaces.  Try not to open the slow cooker lid to check on it – just trust it’ll do its thang.
  8. Wait – I mean – cook for about 8 hours.
  9. You’ll know it’s done when you stick a fork in it and the meat falls apart easily.  When this happens, transfer the meat CAREFULLY to the large bowl.  The meat is tender and might fall apart on you!!
  10. Grab your two forks and get shredding, removing extra fat (you don’t need it for flavour anymore).  Remember you’ll still be adding the sauce so you don’t need to go all Cujo on it.
  11. Your hands are probably sore now from gripping your forks, but rest easy – you’re almost done!  Just replace your shredded meat to the slow cooker and mix it around with the sauce
  12. (optional) I like leaving the meat in the slow cooker on Low or Warm just for a little while (30 minutes tops) to absorb the flavours even more
  13. Dish out your awesome pulled pork onto fresh buns (tip: the more sauce you add, the more soggy your buns will get!) and enjoy your tasty sammiches!!!!
  14. Come back to this site and bookmark this page because they are the best pulled pork sammiches you’ve ever tasted.  Maybe even comment saying so.  Tee hee.  🙂

You’re welcome, world.


Through the Opening in the Leaves

through the opening in the leaves
I watch
I don’t hide
I sit among the branches
silent and patient
I don’t need anything
I don’t need to be seen
I am happy just being here
if I see you
I just may jump down
and stay awhile
or I may just remember you
and smile to myself
and the trees
they welcome me here
when it rains
tapping lightly on the canopy
high, high above me
a white noise sings aloud
and in my head
I’m singing too
so if you ever look up
and you see me sitting
smiling and at peace
I hope you smile back
and invite me to join you
because though I love quiet
I love the sound of caring
even more
until then
the trees will hold me
will be my arms
and we’ll be swaying
and waiting
and watching
and I will be happy just to be here
Copyright L.M. 2008.

Midnight on an Empty Highway in an Empty Town

it was a dusty gray highway
emptied of passers-by
denied the treatment
of a cityscape
and where it ended
was where I found myself, that night
as I got out the car
the wind swirled around me
and lifted the corners
of my frayed shirt
and in the distance
somewhere there’s an exit, right?
I jumped up on the ledge
to get a better view
and over the dying hedge
there was nothing new
nothing new
my lips taste like blood
my ears are ringing
my heart is hurting my head
is this the start
is this the start to being dead?
it was a dusty gray highway
and the moon was blue
just like last month
oh, she’s so clear
I sat down in the middle
and counted the minutes pass, that night
grains whipping my salted face
it was so beautiful
I haven’t been since
oh, I’ll never go again
there was nothing new
nothing new
my lips taste like blood
my ears are ringing
my heart is hurting my head
is this the start
is this the start to being dead?
I’m almost certain
I’m leaving home, again
my lips taste like blood
my ears are ringing
my head is hurting my heart
is this the start
is this the start to being dead?
or am I beginning again?
Copyright L.M. 2008.


you’ll never know it’s selfish
until it’s done to you
self-centered society
has made its mark on you
you yielding to temptation
shows no integrity
even if your intention
was never to hurt me
I will not let you hurt me
I will not let it stand
I will not let you stand there
and take my shaking hand
I will not let you hurt me
you’ll never ever see
I will not let you witness
a tear escape from me
I know I’m not perfection
at least to everyone
but I know I am the best thing
that’ll happen to someone
and for that moment I can
thank you now for this
this pain makes me appreciate
my future lover’s kiss
and as a new day brightens
my smile awaits the morn
my burdens have been lightened
my guiding path well-worn
so I’ll stare at my sun
and absorb every feeling
take solace that to someone
I will be everything

Copyright L.M. 2008.

Shallow (lyrics to Comet)

time, give it time
give it
time, give it time
give it

give it time, you gotta
give it time, you gotta
give it time
time to turn back around

you should’ve walked alone
and saw the Thomson Pine
you should’ve walked alone, tonight
you should’ve walked alone
obeyed the yellow line

walking there
hand in hand
watching me
watching you
walking there
hand in hand
walking toward
something new
bended knee
not for me
walking toward
something free
don’t wait for me

Lady in her tower
under a curse’s power
can only look through mirrors, at the world

she turned around to see
a gallant and his steed
and challenged fate with her eyes

now down the river she goes
toward the city, flows
upon the river, she dies
upon the river, she dies
upon the river, she dies

I wondered, I wondered
a long time ago
I wondered, I wondered
a long time ago

my Lady’s both young and old
her hands slowly becoming cold
and there’s only one candle left
she’s counting down her breaths

I wondered, I wondered
a long time ago
I wondered, I wondered
a long time ago
I wondered, I wondered
a long time ago

can you let her go?
can I let her go?
can you let her go?



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (These lyrics are to the song “Comet” by M.K. and L.M..).

Black and Bright

it’s not too late
got lots of time
new lines stemming from my eyes
white on black and black on white
everything’s gray
everything’s gray

leave it alone
leave it alone
leave it alone

I start again
a brand new day this time
singing words of peace and joy
I’ll start again
open your eyes
open your eyes

leave it alone
leave it alone

I put it off
but I cannot dance tonight
I’ll sing of love
even if it isn’t right
I’ll put it off
lacing up my shoes
this isn’t like you
this is not like you
this is not like you
this isn’t you

black and bright this time
black and white this time
black and right this time
black and white is fine
black and white

black and right this time
black and white is mine
black and white mind
black and light
black is right
black is mine
blackened mind
black as night
black and bright makes
black and white and
black and white makes
everything gray

everything’s gray
everything’s gray



Lyrics Copyright L.M. 2008; Music Copyright M.K. & L.M. 2008.  Finished: February 2nd, 2008.


I don’t know how many minutes I missed
I’d fell myself at the roots
just to take them back
one by one they eat at me
tears won’t help, no
so I await my second life
handle my pride for me please
as I cannot bear it here
where could you have been so clear
my friend we’re both lost
with markers, no goals
but I know a path less travelled
maybe you might learn
or maybe you will be saved
I am well, either way, dear
my heart lifts with each moon
and tears the tiny muscles taut
so tomorrow in my minutes missed
I hope I shatter not

Copyright L.M. 2008!!!!


interesting proposition
I consider
and perhaps
would it be bad?
it might be stupid

they say
I can’t choose
but is it disrespect
if I agree?
I refuse, though
to beg
you agree
I have a worth
greater than that
but would this
this strange idea
would this
diminish me?
would I shrink in importance
to become more empty than the shells
today I admire?
though mine is tough
what’s within is fragile
my design isn’t even strong
nor is your longing to pick me up
I never was more than a passing interest
not even a stepping stone
and just as every other broken lady-in-waiting
I will be tossed to the waves

Copyright L.M. 2007.  (For poem notes, see my other site: ….. all edits and if there’s any interesting info it will be posted with the original there.  I mention this because the original included the word “venus” after “lady-in-waiting” as it’s referring to a specific shell often found on the beaches here, called the lady-in-waiting venus….. I thought the inclusion was kinda interesting, but it dampened the feel of the poem a bit; I thought the imagery was being pushed down the reader’s throats….. haha.  So I removed it….. anyway, that kinda stuff is always included in the explanations beneath the original posts on the site above.).


far below me lies
a river too deep to swim
it snakes all around me
and beckons me in
I reach for the branches
but, snapping, they fall too
and suddenly I realize
that I’m flying for you

the rapids, they squeeze me
and siphon my strength
the bitter chill of the water
testing my faith
somehow the branches
they keep me from death
and give me a chance at
a new kind of breath

Copyright L.M. 2007.  (written in West Virginia on way to Florida.).


I look to either side of me
and see walls of earth
I’m surrounded
and I’m very happy

here crawl the critters
too shy to roam alone
on every platform, every ridge
of stark overhanging rock
lies a home
and if they could walk the world
you know they would
to explore the beauty of every peak

defenseless and white
it’s only fitting they rest
upon this healed landscape
adding tiny flecks of grace
to this beautifully scarred face

Copyright L.M. 2007.  (written in West Virginia on way to Florida.).