I am feeling a lot

I am feeling anxious

for moving to a new city for less than one year, to add to my degree

I am feeling apprehensive

about being unsure what my program entails, or what kinds of people I’ll meet

I am feeling empowered

for taking a step out of my comfort zone to improve my skills

I am feeling stupid

for leaving behind a place I’ve come to love, and friends I never wanted to leave

I am feeling sad

for having to close what has been an awesome chapter of my life

I am feeling scared

that my new chapter won’t even compare

I am feeling nervous

that I won’t be able to keep a fully open mind to my new circumstances because of my longing for the past

I am feeling tired

for not having slept much lately

I am feeling satisfied

for having been able to get together with many friends before leaving (though not all)

I am feeling happy

that my friends have promised me they will visit

I am feeling hopeful

that I will not be quickly (or slowly) replaced in their hearts and minds

I am feeling grateful

for these changes that scare me so; for this opportunity


Random Things I Will Miss About Kingston

Like my Category entitled “On The Beach,” where I kept you all up-to-date on my discoveries while meandering along the sandy Floridian shoreline, I will be starting a new one to include all the things I will miss about Kingston, Ontario.

I’ll start right now:

  • that little smiley face in the concrete sidewalk near the corner of King St. E. and West St.
  • the Wellington Street Theatre light that almost religiously turns off as I’m walking past
  • the guy who puts sunglasses on his black lab while he plays guitar on Princess St.
  • Figaro — the black and white cat I’ve known since he was a kitten, who lives on my street
  • Tiger — the tiger-striped brown/black/gray cat who sometimes visited Uly (my kitty) at the window, even though they didn’t seem to get along well
  • my spot by the water
  • my bay further west
  • the long bus-ride to Riley’s Garden Centre
  • Loblaw’s (they don’t have one in Barrie — I checked)
  • the way the sun/moon shines on the waves in the water at the end of my street as I’m getting home
  • my stargazing nights by the water
  • Pervert/City Park (which I can attest is completely safe, by the way, even at 4 a.m.)
  • playing FRISBEE in said park (ha!)
  • playing chess on my laptop sitting by the water fountain in the park
  • taking Uly for walks in the park
  • my little cave apartment with odd green trim and a homey feel
  • visiting my friends
  • the fry truck with the funny Polish guys
  • the guy with all the piercings, tattoos, and hats, who plays the guitar anywhere and everywhere on Princess St.
  • Coffee & Co.
  • Second Cup
  • Frankie Pesto’s
  • The Greek Islands Restaurant
  • late-night grocery shopping at A&P
  • my not-hugely-close laundromat at Bagot & Earl
  • the Kingston Tennis Club
  • Queen’s campus

That’ll do for now…..