Random Things I Will Miss About Kingston

Like my Category entitled “On The Beach,” where I kept you all up-to-date on my discoveries while meandering along the sandy Floridian shoreline, I will be starting a new one to include all the things I will miss about Kingston, Ontario.

I’ll start right now:

  • that little smiley face in the concrete sidewalk near the corner of King St. E. and West St.
  • the Wellington Street Theatre light that almost religiously turns off as I’m walking past
  • the guy who puts sunglasses on his black lab while he plays guitar on Princess St.
  • Figaro — the black and white cat I’ve known since he was a kitten, who lives on my street
  • Tiger — the tiger-striped brown/black/gray cat who sometimes visited Uly (my kitty) at the window, even though they didn’t seem to get along well
  • my spot by the water
  • my bay further west
  • the long bus-ride to Riley’s Garden Centre
  • Loblaw’s (they don’t have one in Barrie — I checked)
  • the way the sun/moon shines on the waves in the water at the end of my street as I’m getting home
  • my stargazing nights by the water
  • Pervert/City Park (which I can attest is completely safe, by the way, even at 4 a.m.)
  • playing FRISBEE in said park (ha!)
  • playing chess on my laptop sitting by the water fountain in the park
  • taking Uly for walks in the park
  • my little cave apartment with odd green trim and a homey feel
  • visiting my friends
  • the fry truck with the funny Polish guys
  • the guy with all the piercings, tattoos, and hats, who plays the guitar anywhere and everywhere on Princess St.
  • Coffee & Co.
  • Second Cup
  • Frankie Pesto’s
  • The Greek Islands Restaurant
  • late-night grocery shopping at A&P
  • my not-hugely-close laundromat at Bagot & Earl
  • the Kingston Tennis Club
  • Queen’s campus

That’ll do for now…..


Day 10


  I didn’t go on the beach today.  I know!  Very sad.  However, in my defense, it was pretty cool here today.  As in, 10 degrees Celsius, and *very* windy.  People here were wearing touques, no word of a lie.  We were watching, amused, as a construction worker who was in charge of guiding traffic was trying to arrange his touque under his hardhat.  We had a good few minutes waiting to watch the hilarity.  It really was quite chilly though, especially considering two days before, I was getting a sunburn.

  In the morning, I went for a brunch crêpe at Julio’s, and chatted with him for a bit.  You Are Always On My Mind, sung by Elvis was playing, and Julio sang a little as he prepared.  So entertaining 🙂 The crêpe was delicious of course……

  We went shopping today and I bought a few little things.  After, we went to Crabby Bill’s for my second crabs’ legs meal, and it was even better than the first….. actually quite a bit better.  The original location is still my fave.  On the drive back we saw quite a few of the rich rich people’s houses/mansions with their backyards on the beach facing the water…… it’s rumoured Tom Cruise had a home in that area, so we always joke about going to see if he’s still got his Christmas lights up.

  Somehow those seemingly few activities took up our entire day.  Tonight we might be off to play some pool, but we’ll see.  I have to get working on my applications so we might be tied up doing that instead.  Anyway, have a good night folks!


I look to either side of me
and see walls of earth
I’m surrounded
and I’m very happy

here crawl the critters
too shy to roam alone
on every platform, every ridge
of stark overhanging rock
lies a home
and if they could walk the world
you know they would
to explore the beauty of every peak

defenseless and white
it’s only fitting they rest
upon this healed landscape
adding tiny flecks of grace
to this beautifully scarred face

Copyright L.M. 2007.  (written in West Virginia on way to Florida.).


under skin
you can feel
a heart beating fast
time slows and
you get a glimpse
of the glory behind
those angel eyes

someone said that
beauty fades
but you know it
just grows with age

catching leaves
as they fall
the sky is turning blue

give her a reason
to feel everywhere’s home
bring her hand to your lips
tell her there’s no other kiss
tell her there’s nothing more than this
your everlasting home

you love her, yeah
you breathe her
you want no more than
to be with her

one for marriage
two for birth
and every laugh line since
has been earned
you still love her yeah
you still breathe her
let her know you
that you, that you still need her

catching leaves
as they fall
the sky is turning blue
and if she asks you
if she’s still the one
you’ve one job left to do

give her a reason
to feel everywhere’s home
bring her hand to your lips
tell her there’s no other kiss
tell her there’s nothing more than this
your everlasting home
your everlasting home



Copyright L.M. 2007. (written a few months ago with the others…… yes, I know, cheesy.  I don’t show this romantic side of me often for a reason!  haha).