Through the Opening in the Leaves

through the opening in the leaves
I watch
I don’t hide
I sit among the branches
silent and patient
I don’t need anything
I don’t need to be seen
I am happy just being here
if I see you
I just may jump down
and stay awhile
or I may just remember you
and smile to myself
and the trees
they welcome me here
when it rains
tapping lightly on the canopy
high, high above me
a white noise sings aloud
and in my head
I’m singing too
so if you ever look up
and you see me sitting
smiling and at peace
I hope you smile back
and invite me to join you
because though I love quiet
I love the sound of caring
even more
until then
the trees will hold me
will be my arms
and we’ll be swaying
and waiting
and watching
and I will be happy just to be here
Copyright L.M. 2008.

One thought on “Through the Opening in the Leaves

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