Blue Jays Mashup Pics I’ve Made

Please note: These are done all in good fun. As you may guess, I’m a huge Jays fan. If you are the owner of the original pictures and would like me to remove my mashup version please let me know. All that said, hope you enjoy!!






And my crowning jewel….. This took probably about 5 hours and I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out….. Went to bed at 3 when I was done!! Click on this to view larger, quite a lot of detail in there, and 10 of the current Jays’ roster (sorry to those I had to leave out ;))



An Ideal Vacation: Prince Edward Island + a joke! (A cheesy one, but a joke nonetheless)

Hello folks!

Today’s Ideal Vacay is Prince Edward Island!

I have little knowledge about the province as I’ve never been, but really, how bad can a place be when they’re known for potatoes?  Since that’s about the extent of my knowledge (other than it’s home to the Anne of Green Gables series, and the Dragon’s Den presenter who started a business selling pieces of P.E.I. land as touristy gifts), instead I’ll offer one of my favourite jokes at the end of this post.

As always, if you’ve been to P.E.I. and love it, I want to hear what you saw and did that you really liked!  If I were to go there tomorrow, what would you recommend seeing and doing?


And now for my cheeeeezy joke:


There were once three thieves, running away from the police.  They were pretty dumb, and desperately needed a place to hide, so they took off down a dark alley.  There, they found three potato sacks, so they each climbed into one.  Shortly after, the police arrived.

The main cop kicked the first sack.


“Must be a cat,” she said, and continued down the alley.

The cop kicked the second potato sack.

“Woof!  Woof!”

“Ahh, just a dog,” said the cop, so they kept on down the alley.

The cop kicked the third sack, and heard clear as day: