I still don’t want her near me….. except maybe to eavesdrop

Last night, just north of Princess St.: 

“Sweet!  I’ll never get an infection again!!”

The man speaks a truth, but still…..

Walking down the street, I pass a couple of people.  As I do, I hear:

“Asparagus is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!”

And he really was that emphatic.

Maybe he feels the Earth’s rotation…..

Later the same day of the asparagus man encounter, I went into a little shop because I had never been before.  There was a little boy and his mom behind the counter generally occupying themselves with papers and toys.  As I was passing them on my way out of the store, I heard the little boy ask:

“Mom, why is the ground moving?”

I think the funniest part was that I looked at the mother, who was nonchalantly answering his question (too quietly for me to hear), and her expression was completely unaffected, as if this was a normal type of question to be asked of a child standing on solid ground…..