Curiosity Killed the Radio Star

Have you ever been struck by a desire to know something? Something that’s virtually impossible to ever know? I’m not talking how the world began, or what it’s like to go back in time. I mean really stupid things….. like how many people have stepped on that particular block of sidewalk since it was made. Or, how many people have placed their foot in the exact same position as you on that step (do you think it’s many, or very few?)…..

I get this all the time, and what drives me nuts is that since my conditioning to a world with computer memory, I feel if we’d only thought early enough, we could have recorded x if we’d just thought to ask. Like, what is the average rating of people’s moods when the sky appears light purple like right after a storm? How many people have listened to Pat Benatar while blogging in the last week?/month?/ever? Or even, how many times have I thought about peanuts in my life? Why do I need to know? I have no idea, but I just do. Yay peanuts!

That’s all.


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