New Chapter

Really, what can I say?

I have recently decided to leave my job of a year to take time off. Risky, some say, because I don’t have another job officially lined up. I have a prospect, but a prospect it shall remain until I hear from them, officially, one way or the other.

Why is it considered so taboo to do this? Why is the first question: do you have another job you’re going to go to?

I would like time off. My last job, though I hesitate (with good reason) to say anything negative about them, only offered 2 weeks of vacation time per year. I often longed for an opportunity to take more vacation, as those 2 weeks I used almost completely for my family’s annual trip to Florida. Now, I understand that is a treat, and I considered it as such. However, when you’re used to living on your own and suddenly get placed in a group again, it is hardly stress-free. Especially when your mother and you differ on time-management philosophies. So, there were times at work, when I just felt like I needed to get away from it all….. and would have gladly taken time off, unpaid, to recoup. This, unfortunately, is not a common practice. Besides, I would have felt bad asking for more time off than others, even if it was unpaid. So, I continued working.

I don’t think I’ve had a summer off since high school, when I think back. Even then, I worked odd jobs. Summers in university were spent catching up on credits missed due to a cranky dean who called me an “engineering flunkie”, as well as working at the garden centre, in the psychology ward with butterflies, and coaching tennis to a kids’ camp. I haven’t saved up much, but right now, I just want my time back.

Money comes and goes so quickly; no associations to be made with it; it remains anonymous. Time is nothing but associations: memories, experiences, aging. And when you know you won’t be remembered for your amounts of money, my thinking is that you’d better start cultivating your time better. I can’t even pay to return regret; I’ll be stuck with it, like a bad knock-off product. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t getting good value for my time.

Onwards and upwards. Keep smiling; keep exploring. Keep the value in that which is irreplaceable.


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