Day 1: The First Full Day

Today, we met up with our hometown friends (yes, from Canada) for breakfast on the boardwalk. After a delicious eggs benedict, I took a few pictures of the restaurant decorations, which I shall post maybe tonight, maybe another time if I’m lazy haha.  Then we had to scurry back because my sister’s computer died and she needed to check her e-mail regarding a concert she was supposed to play in — but since the weather has been bad, she was waiting to hear back if it was still a go, and see if she would be able to make it there.  After that got sorted out (it was, but she wasn’t), we went on the beach and went our separate ways.  As is customary, here is the daily list:

  • 4 straws
    • 2 clear
    • 2 opaque: 1 small, straight, and blue-striped, and 1 large and multi-bent
  • 1 possibly live, possibly ex-, crab.  Relocated to a shallow pool of water in case he might recover.
  • 1 definitely ex-crab
  • 1 definitely ex-, definitely in the process of being devoured by seabirds, very large fish.  Seriously huge fella.
  • 1 mostly broken starfish.  I took a picture of him, along with the …..
  • couple screwdriver shells, and
  • 2 conch-type shells — 1 small, brown, compact, and strong type, and 1 long, elegant beige type
  • 1 small roundish shell, rarer to see, hard to describe, but he’s in the picture too, so you’ll see.  (eventually)
  • a lot of coral, many kinds
  • several sponges
  • 2 rhythmically-screaming little girls
  • 1 cozy sand village consisting of a singular inverted cone decorated with shells, and surrounded by tree-resembling sprigs of coral.  Estimated worth on the current market: High.
  • 1 sand-snowman.  It even appeared he had a carrot-like nose.
  • 1 fisherboy catch a small fish (which he promptly threw back in the water, after looking around — I suspect for Maddy, the local heron, who was not present at the time)
  • 1 ex-oyster/mussel?  Not sure the difference.  Probably a mussel.  (No pearl, I checked.)
  • 2 men (not together), who complimented me on my hair.  Why, thank you!
  • several pieces of broken cans….. eeee, dangerous is life on a beach.
  • 2 (separately found) omega-shaped clamp-type things?  1 gray, 1 white.  Look like they could anchor a pole or something round to a wall.
  • several cigarette butts
  • 1 American penny!  (1969, good year.)
  • 1 beautiful sun

    broken starfish, some screwdriver shells, and the others I described earlier
    broken starfish, some screwdriver shells, and the others I described earlier

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