Day 2

Today, it was cooler.  Around 14-16 degrees Celsius, for my friends up north.  But it was alright, because I went for a run, which was good.  After, I walked on the beach just a little bit, and acquired today’s list:

  • 1 runner
  • 1 straw, multi-bent.  Seriously, who’s drinking out of straws so much?  :mrgreen:
  • Several large ummmmm, not sure what they’re called.  A-ha!  Pen shells.  Thanks to for that quick answer!  Anyway, a couple were still closed, so I tossed them back in the water.
  • 1 very pretty True Tulip, I believe.  Still alive, so thrown back.
  • 1 orange plastic thing in the shape of a shell!
  • 1 scrumpled up (yes I made that word) piece of paper….. message in a bottle, sans bottle?
  • 2 sand fleas (not hanging out)
  • 1 mom (mine)
  • 1 blue lighter (either today or yesterday, not sure!)
  • sponges?  Well, it was a short walk, so I shouldn’t be surprised this list isn’t that long.  More tomorrow!

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