I’m writing this little message exclusively to express my own political affiliations.  First of all, I’m Canadian.  I don’t always agree with what goes on in politics in my country, so I don’t like supporting one party over another.  I have my own set of beliefs and for each issue, I have my own opinion as to the manner in which it should be dealt.  Generally, I’m a “live and let live” kinda person, but believe there should be guidelines and rules should be enforced.  Well, I guess I just got right into it just now, didn’t I?  😯

Anyway, I wanted to write this because I don’t like people advertising their campaign on the site I pay for unless I actually endorse them.  I like Obama, so I’m going to tag his name and hopefully if anyone’s campaign ad comes up for you my dear readers, it’ll be his.  If you have to be bombarded by ads/propaganda, I encourage you to do your own research from both angles (a lot of information is biased, so do your best to look through that), and make your own decision without allowing yourself to be swayed by the media.  I happen to favour Obama, but I sincerely hope that fact doesn’t mean anything to you.

By the way, to anyone involved in the opposing campaign, you might want to hire me.  “policyfrom” is actually two words.  A good sign of intelligence is attention to detail….. just a thought 🙂