Sleeptalkin’ Man — Best site found in AGES

The other day I happened upon a hilarious site, called Sleeptalkin’ Man.  There is a brilliant woman who decided to post online her husband’s late-night ramblings.  The best part is that he’s really quite witty in his sleep!  Combine randomness, pent-up aggression for vegetarians, creative swearing, and the occasional fluffy animal, and you have a laugh-till-your-gut-hurts website.  Well done Karen!

Il ne faut pas confondre les faux pas / One mustn’t confuse the faux pas…..

“faux pas”

I noticed this curious little tidbit probably a few months ago, it resurfaced when I was in Florida, and just again today, so I thought I’d share this with you.

  I’m curious if the first people to use “faux pas” in its current sense realized they had two sets of homonyms that end up with the same overarching meaning….. quite witty if they did.  Here’s how it works:

“faux pas”:

“faux”: false
“pas”: step

= false step, misstep
 a social slip-up, blunder

“faut pas”:

shortened from “il ne faut pas” in slang
“faut”: must
“ne….. pas”: not

= [indefinite] “one” must not, “one” shouldn’t
 when used as a noun, a social blunder

  Quite witty, if that was the intention.  Oh words, how I love thee…..