Ms. Compy Fix-It: Delete Your Notes from PowerPoint

Hi all, Ms. Compy Fix-It here, with another life-saving (or at least semi-interesting) tip for PowerPoint.

Have you ever been revising an old file that had a lot of unwanted notes, and thought, “Gee whiz, I wish I could delete all of these notes with the click of a button!”  Well, you can’t.  But you can click about 3 buttons and should get to your result.  Beautiful?  I think so, too.

Here’s how, thanks to: Ohad’s blog.

Go to your presentation.  Make sure you save it.  Copy the following text to use later:

Dim objSlide As Slide
Dim objShape As Shape

For Each objSlide In ActivePresentation.Slides
    For Each objShape In objSlide.NotesPage.Shapes
        If objShape.TextFrame.HasText Then
            objShape.TextFrame.TextRange = “”
        End If

In your presentation, open View, then click on Macros.  In the Macro Name field, type RemoveNotes (or whatever name you want to use in order to use it again later for other presentations).

Click Create.  It’ll open up your VBA, which for all I know means Very Big Anomaly.  Anyway, don’t click anywhere else because it’ll bring your cursor right where it needs to be.  Here’s where you can paste that coding I had you copy earlier.

Now click X to close (don’t worry, it’s not going to close your whole presentation).  If you’re not back at your presentation, click X again (you just closed the VBA window!).

Now you should be back in your presentation, and don’t worry, you’re not supposed to notice anything different.  Now, you go to View again, Macros again, and you should see your Macro in the box list.  Select yours, click Run, and bingo, you’re done!  Okay, a few more than 3 buttons, but still, wasn’t that easy?  🙂