Time In The S-Bend

covering the corners of the S-bend
you told me you’d be waiting there
and I never cried, no
I never cried
you turned the engine off
and walked to the side of the road
and you never tried, no
you never tried
you took off your shoes and dove right in
in the middle of winter, you dove right in
you couldn’t swim

when you were found
they couldn’t speak
they couldn’t weep
for you

across the land a day before
we combed along beside the shore
and I never cried, no
I never cried
your blinders on, you lost your way
oh it’s so easy to throw it all away
give up on life
to give up on life

when you were found
we couldn’t sleep
we couldn’t speak
for you
when you were found
the wound ran deep
how could you leave
us all to weep
for you?



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written April 7th, 2008.).



I want you to know
every one of you
that I don’t cry for you
I don’t weep
I’m not heartbroken
for nothing can break
through stone

ups and downs
everyday drama
it’s not my thing
I’d rather hide in the forest
and wait for you to find me

as it is, I look for you
outside my door
exiting my life
and wonder if you’ll be back
because I never know for sure

where did I get these thoughts?

did Einstein suffer depression?
I suppose he must have
thoughts like that from me
have pricked the plume anew
though I like the solitary company

I bend
far too much
so much so
that I don’t know
within myself
where I search
and daily toss
the dye that bleeds me

I know where we stand
each and every single one of us
and I will continue to try
to rationalize
and objectify
myself in my mind
just for you

I soared into storm clouds
higher than life
I cannot blame the messenger
but yet I can’t help
feeling tossed
like stale bread
soaking up any hint of warmth
to postpone the brittle battle
I will play by your rules
I will chisel a path
as long as you still try
and as long as I don’t fall
but I should let you know
I don’t feel your respect
not today, nor yesterday
not in the slightest
don’t you see?
I’m the doll
the smiling face which you do greet
with open arms and fleeing feet
sighing, wishing for a day
with ladders finally tossed away
so I may sit alongside you
with worries none, and fears few
the palm I’m in is over-filled
and not exactly what I willed
but choices few, this chiselled stone
is all I have to call my own

Copyright L.M. 2007.  (written a couple months ago, and again I recognize the poem isn’t very good haha).