In The Dust

what if shadows caused you pain
would you close the blinds?
what if love dawdled
would you leave it behind
in the dust?
what if you shiver from the heat
would you hide undercover?
what if your heart crossed the line
would you blame your lover
leave your lover
in the dust?



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written June 13th, 2008.).



like in movies
you can’t see the top
every one looks the same height
with trees disguised as shadows
and now the snow
lays accent on the slopes
peppering the hillsides
like cold sprinkled sugar
then we pass the slanted walls
pencil straight incisions
mark layers of sediment
showing hints of age, life
as the water tickles, trickles down
let’s raise those to the level they ought to be
oh gorgeous grazers of a sometimes He



Copyright L.M. 2007. (written in Virginia — ha! — on way to Florida.).