Ms. Compy Fix-It: Adding Labels to Scatter (or any) Charts in Excel

Hi all, Ms. Compy Fix-It here, with another gem of a trick to help you.

So, I was working on some scatter plot charts in Excel, and needed to add labels.  As it is, when you click “Show Data Labels” in Excel, it gives you the two pieces of data in the form of coordinates.  Now, maybe that’s helpful for some people, but it is a lot more useful to me to actually describe each point in the form of a variable name.  I knew someone out there must have had the same thought, so I did a quick search which proved I was not alone.

Thanks to this site, I was referred to the program XY Chart Labeler, which did exactly what I was hoping: added labels to my data points.  You even have the option of where to place the labels, which I’m sure will be quite helpful too.

Hope this helps!

— Ms. Compy Fix-It