Ms. Compy Fix-It’s Disappeared Row…..

Ms. Compy Fix-It here, bringing you another episode of computer frustration resolution.  Today’s topic will be the random row that just won’t unhide.  You may have intentionally hid it, and now it’s causing you trouble because it’s just that shy.  Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re like me and accidentally Froze Panes before freezing the actual panes you intended to, no combination of scrolling or resizing will work.  You’ll just need to go to Unfreeze Panes and you’re set.
  • In researching online I found a site that discribed a similar problem, but their cells actually wouldn’t resize….. check out here if that’s your problem.  Chances are you’ll need to hit F5 and go to the cell in the row that’s the problem (or just type it into the cell name field up top by your menus), Format Row Height (it’s under the Cells tab in 2007), and type 12.75.

That’s all folks.  Let me know if you have other instances where this happens, or if you have another problem altogether!  I’m all about the detective-iness.

Hope that helps!  🙂