Cracker Jack Evaluation

So I bought a bag of Cracker Jack yesterday. It was one of those impulse things, where I decided I might feel like caramel corn in the next few days so I went ahead and got some. These are my notes:

  • For some reason, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, the caramel topping tasted burnt.  It looked dark, and maybe they were going for some rich molasses type of topping, but to me it just tasted like it was cooked too long.  Left a weird aftertaste in my mouth too.
  • A normal bag of caramel corn in my possession would be gone by now.  The fact that there’s still half left should indicate my enjoyment factor.
  • I’m not a fan of peanuts with my caramel corn.  They should have a peanut-less version!  Another idea: coloured caramel corn, like at fairs.  Sure, it tastes awful, but people buy it!
  • I decided Cracker Jack should go back to the boxes.  At least they’d be recyclable!….. I think.  Unless the stickiness prevented that, in which case, they should at least make the boxes biodegradable.  None of this plastic junk.
  • I know if I were a kid, and the “toy” was a set of 6 kinda boring stickers, I’d probably be disappointed.  Exciting stickers, not as much.  I admit I think the game of shooting peanuts over the different-point-valued stickers to win points could be a fun game, but probably more for adults who it takes a lot less to amuse these days.  Possibly drunk adults.

Overall rating: 6/10


Day 10


  I didn’t go on the beach today.  I know!  Very sad.  However, in my defense, it was pretty cool here today.  As in, 10 degrees Celsius, and *very* windy.  People here were wearing touques, no word of a lie.  We were watching, amused, as a construction worker who was in charge of guiding traffic was trying to arrange his touque under his hardhat.  We had a good few minutes waiting to watch the hilarity.  It really was quite chilly though, especially considering two days before, I was getting a sunburn.

  In the morning, I went for a brunch crêpe at Julio’s, and chatted with him for a bit.  You Are Always On My Mind, sung by Elvis was playing, and Julio sang a little as he prepared.  So entertaining 🙂 The crêpe was delicious of course……

  We went shopping today and I bought a few little things.  After, we went to Crabby Bill’s for my second crabs’ legs meal, and it was even better than the first….. actually quite a bit better.  The original location is still my fave.  On the drive back we saw quite a few of the rich rich people’s houses/mansions with their backyards on the beach facing the water…… it’s rumoured Tom Cruise had a home in that area, so we always joke about going to see if he’s still got his Christmas lights up.

  Somehow those seemingly few activities took up our entire day.  Tonight we might be off to play some pool, but we’ll see.  I have to get working on my applications so we might be tied up doing that instead.  Anyway, have a good night folks!

Skies of a Different Blue

The sky was really cool today.

I never quite know how the weather’s going to be when I get up, even if I check my Weather Network toolbar thingy on my computer, so it’s always a bit of a gamble in terms of coat choice this time of year.  I went with my brown Fall jacket, and was glad of it.  As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with a warm cool breeze (cool because it’s Fall and it’s expected to be a bit cool, and warm because it had an unexpected warmth still left in it).  Over the park trees and over the Queen’s buildings, I could see in the distance blue clouds.  That nice, rich Russian Blue Cat kinda blue.  The kind, had it been cold outside, you would have expected to be delivering snow.  Instead, the sun was shining, the wind fiesty, and it was a perfect beginning to the day.

I actually was slightly resenting the fact that I had class to attend, because I just felt like walking around listening to my music all day 🙂  I might still do that, for a bit at least.  I’ve had an overall pretty crummy past few days, though I shouldn’t complain as it’s probably mostly my own fault!  Haha, that’s life.  But nothing makes me feel better when I’m down than a good walk.  It makes me wonder about next year; if I move, I’ll have to think about that when deciding where to live…..

Yes, now I’m thinking about that, I definitely need to walk.  Definitely time to go down to the water: windy, sunny, cloudy, somewhat warm (season-considering), and some lifey stuff to think about……

Off I go….. 🙂