A Raindrop By Any Other Name…..

….. would still be wet.

Okay, does anyone know the difference between “drizzle”, “showers”, and plain old “rain”?  I think there’s another one too that gets thrown in there to create a semblance of variety in the weather.  Kinda like having 52 words for “snow,” I guess.

If anyone knows the difference, please let me know.  I’m curious, even though I get soaked anyway.


Mud (December 2006)

who would have known?
back to the drawing board…..

rain surrounding
a puddle of mud
where I lay
helplessly shamed
melancholic and merciless
I tie these beams
strength in hands only
unaware of hope
open to nothing
I’m not well
and I sang too much

under me lies ground
unfamiliar and true
the incubated sadness gutting me
sidles up and winks
such a jerk
and buries me in splashes
as he passes me
slamming fists in the mud

Copyright L.M. 2006.


on the underside of a leaf
it was written like a picture
slow, delicate, strokes
finding a lost path along each vein
and I read it aloud
listening to each line
tracing it in my mind
letting the song begin

and did I save you? I’m sorry
if the life crossed over
shining within you so bright
with the scent of new rain
it’s almost too much to feel
you let me breathe tonight



Copyright L.M. 2007.