Ms. Compy Fix-It: Tackling PowerPoint’s Manhattan Skyline

Hi folks!

Ms. Compy Fix-It here!  Come to your (potential) rescue once again.

Today’s topic is one I’m happy to say has been resolved: Manhattan skylines in PowerPoint Print Previews.

Never heard of them?  Well, some people have called them that because they are vertical bars that are not in your document, but suddenly appear when you print or hit Print Preview.  Depending how many you have, you can end up with quite a dramatic print job.

I encountered them when trying to print a coworker’s slide, and honestly was surprised they showed up in the Print Preview – I thought this might be one of those weird printer configuration/”it’s not us, it’s your printer” Microsoft kind of issues, but I was wrong.

I did some digging, and was surprised to not find very much that was helpful.  I looked closely at the bars and could see they all seemed to stem downward from a title.  Have a look below.  I deleted all but the titles, as the rest is irrelevant.


I thought maybe it had to do with text box fill, but that came up empty.  The clue that pushed me to the Ms. Compy Fix-It idea came from this link: from sharon_bloor.  She suggested it was a text issue, and although the font didn’t appear strange or particularly new, I thought it was worth a try to just Ctrl+A (highlight all) and change the font to Calibri.  Sure enough, when I hit Print Preview, the bars were gone.


Hope this helps someone else!!

Yours in PowerPoint suffering fixing,

Ms. Compy Fix-It  🙂

Ms. Compy Fix-It: 1, HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One.. machine thing: 0

Today’s episode comes at an opportune time with the holidays coming up and lots of pictures ready to be taken and uploaded. If you receive hard copies of pictures you’d like to scan, but are getting an error like “USB not connected”, read on.

So today I wanted to scan a page. Rare occurrence indeed! I press my Scan button. “USB not connected”. Really? I check; it is connected as I thought.

I investigate in my Control Panel Scanners and Cameras menu. No HP. I think maybe it’s a driver issue, so I move the USB to another port on my computer. It installs new hardware. I investigate in my Control Panel Scanners and Cameras menu again. Yay! — it’s there.

I press the Scan button again; “USB not connected”. Bastard.

This is where I use my wonderfully-toned research skills to scour the internet for other saps with the same problem…… seems like I’m not alone — not by a long shot.

Thanks to this support forum’s comments, I’ve found a way to scan in the meantime, just by opening Paint. Didn’t even occur to me to try it!   Click here if you want to read other people complain about this:

If you’re having the same issue as me, don’t worry if HP’s programming doesn’t let you scan….. just use a regular photo program to access the scanner.

Happy Holidays friends!