Ms. Compy Fix-It Needs Help

My issue: Windows 7 computer (for work) often stalls when I’m typing. I can continue to type even though I don’t see anything showing up, and a couple of seconds later it catches up. Sometimes when this is happening, my web browser (Firefox, updated) goes non-responsive for a few seconds, then clears up. Occasionally, it will crash entirely. Other problems include when I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation, I will be doing a non-difficult task, like changing the colour of a bar on a chart, and it will freeze. Sometimes it will crash my program; other times it just takes a while.

I have 3GB of RAM, have a decent-sized paging file, and have run multiple diagnostics tests on it. I reduced my number of anti-virus programs so only one is running at a time (Avast is running, and I have McAfee, SpyBot, and MalwareBytes installed). I have done an msconfig and unchecked all non-Microsoft programs to run at Startup, and I still have the same problem.

I am at the point where I have to look away from the screen as I’m typing, because I don’t see my words coming up and don’t want to wait every few seconds for it to catch up. Seriously, it happens every few seconds.

Any advice?


Day 4

  Today we went golfing!  I didn’t do so badly, but had a couple rotten holes and ended with a 43….. still not a bad score if it mattered to me  haha   😉

  What was neat though were the little bonuses on the course: there was a roseate spoonbill hangin out on Hole 6, a tree with a large, active bees’ nest, and that tree itself was neat because it had some sort of hanging tubers that had lumps that appeared to open into a flower….. very very strange.  Wow!  Just out of curiosity (and not expecting such a quick result), I did a quick search for “tropical tree”, went to the first site, and guessed at a name that might fit — sausage tree.  Would you believe it?  I think it may have actually been that kind of tree!  Ahh, the internet is a wonderful thing.

  After golfing, we went to our friends’ place for a pizza lunch.  Very tasty, very fun.  I had a tickle in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of though, so I was going nuts trying not to cough every two seconds.  A couple funny jokes were told, let me see if I can remember any.

  Two men got up to the gates of Heaven and were addressed by Saint Peter.  Saint Peter asked the first man, dressed in a leather jacket, shades, and slicked back hair, “…..and who are you?”  The man replied, “I’m Derek Smith, and I’ve been a pilot for 31 years.”  Saint Peter looks at his list, exclaims, “Ah!  There you are,” and gives him a golden staff, a silk robe, and lets him through the gates.  The second man walks up to Saint Peter and is also asked who he is, to which he replies, “I’m John Brown, and I’ve been a priest for 31 years.”  Saint Peter consults his list, exclaims, “Ah!  There you are,” and gives him a wooden staff, and a cotton robe.  The man pauses a moment, then asks, “Why, Saint Peter, I can’t help but notice a discrepancy here….. that man was a pilot and got a golden staff and a silk robe, while I was a priest and only got a wooden staff and a cotton robe!”  Saint Peter replies, “Ah, yes.  Well, here in Heaven, we go by results.  You were a priest, and have made people fall asleep for 31 years, but he was a pilot and made people pray!”

hee hee.    🙂