Day 10


¬† I didn’t go on the beach today.¬† I know!¬† Very sad.¬† However, in my defense, it was pretty cool here today.¬† As in, 10 degrees Celsius, and *very* windy.¬† People here were wearing touques, no word of a lie.¬† We were watching, amused, as a construction worker who was in charge of guiding traffic was trying to arrange his touque under his hardhat.¬† We had a good few minutes waiting to watch the hilarity.¬† It really was quite chilly though, especially considering two days before, I was getting a sunburn.

¬† In the morning, I went for a brunch cr√™pe at Julio’s, and chatted with him for a bit.¬† You Are Always On My Mind, sung by Elvis was playing, and¬†Julio sang a little as he prepared.¬† So entertaining ūüôā The cr√™pe was delicious of course……

¬† We went shopping today and I bought a few little things.¬† After, we went to Crabby Bill’s for my second crabs’ legs meal, and it was even better than the first….. actually quite a bit better.¬† The original location is still my fave.¬† On the drive back we saw quite a few of the rich rich people’s houses/mansions with their backyards on the beach facing the water…… it’s rumoured Tom Cruise had a home in that area, so we always joke about going to see if he’s still got his Christmas lights up.

¬† Somehow those seemingly few activities took up our entire day.¬† Tonight we might be off to play some pool, but we’ll see.¬† I have to get working on my applications so we might be tied up doing that instead.¬† Anyway, have a good night folks!


Day 4

¬† Today we went golfing!¬† I didn’t do so badly, but had a couple rotten holes and ended with a 43….. still not a bad score if it mattered to me¬† haha¬†¬† ūüėČ

¬† What was neat though were the little bonuses on the course: there was a roseate spoonbill hangin out on Hole 6, a tree with a large, active bees’ nest, and that tree itself was neat because it had some sort of hanging tubers that had lumps that appeared to open into a flower….. very very strange.¬† Wow!¬† Just out of curiosity (and not expecting such a quick result), I did a quick search for “tropical tree”, went to the first site, and guessed at a name that might fit — sausage tree.¬†¬† Would you believe it?¬† I think¬†it may have actually been that kind of tree!¬† Ahh, the internet is a wonderful thing.

¬† After golfing, we went to our friends’ place for a pizza lunch.¬† Very tasty, very fun.¬† I had a tickle in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of though, so I was going nuts trying not to cough every two seconds.¬† A couple funny jokes were told, let me see if I can remember any.

¬† Two men got up to the gates of Heaven and were addressed by Saint Peter.¬† Saint Peter asked the first man, dressed in a leather jacket, shades, and slicked back hair, “…..and who are you?”¬† The man replied, “I’m Derek Smith, and I’ve been a pilot for 31 years.”¬† Saint Peter looks at his list, exclaims, “Ah!¬† There you are,” and gives him a golden staff, a silk robe, and lets him through the gates.¬† The second man walks up to Saint Peter and is also asked who he is, to which he replies, “I’m John Brown, and I’ve been a priest for¬†31 years.”¬† Saint Peter consults his list, exclaims, “Ah!¬† There you are,” and gives him a wooden staff, and a cotton robe.¬† The man pauses a moment, then asks, “Why, Saint Peter, I can’t help but notice a discrepancy here….. that man was a pilot and got a golden staff and a silk robe, while I was a priest and only got a wooden staff and a cotton robe!”¬† Saint Peter replies, “Ah, yes.¬† Well, here in Heaven, we go by results.¬† You were¬†a priest, and have made people fall asleep for 31 years,¬†but he was a pilot and made people pray!”

hee hee.¬†¬†¬† ūüôā

Passed Presence

yesterday I did a lot that will be forgotten
during the day
and upon arrival of the night I sat
within sight of stars and a friend
unable to contain my joy
I don’t care what it meant
it was part of my present

the little questions that crawl
slithering like wily wordsmiths
stab of criminality
but I ignore them all
for whatever was meant
was all part of my present

I never ignore the truth
but sometimes it takes a while
and processing asks a fee
when something requires action
it finds a way of surfacing
and regardless of intent
it was all part of my present

if there is a problem with my words
perhaps it’s my turn for the blame?
well, that’s alright, I am strong
I know who I am
and I know what I need
I ask no one’s consent
to take part in my present

moderation is essential
and those who judge harshly
will lead a boring existence
for rules and standards and doctrines
bastardize life
where any threat of deviance
begins the cycle of torments
I live by me and my present

I should not be misunderstood
we all need a conscience
but show me a tribunal
for all our small misdeeds
and I will show you a hymnal
that touts many creeds
so you will see, and thus lament
your state of being, your sole attempt
and every hour you might repent
but I shall bask in my present

why care you of their dissent
life itself bids you relent
she mourns so many lives unspent
tomes filled with these nonevents

the only one you represent
is you, so follow your intent
it is your world to reinvent
and do what makes you most content

now should I like to end my words
with you
right here
my dear
I shall

Copyright L.M. 2007. (originally posted here at 2:15 a.m. tonight.).

Skies of a Different Blue

The sky was really cool today.

I never quite know how the weather’s going to be when I get up, even if I check my Weather Network toolbar thingy on my computer, so it’s always a bit of a gamble in terms of coat choice this time of year.¬† I went with my brown Fall jacket, and¬†was glad of it.¬† As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with a warm cool breeze (cool because it’s Fall and it’s expected to be a bit¬†cool, and warm because it had an unexpected¬†warmth¬†still left in it).¬† Over the park trees and over the Queen’s buildings, I could see in the distance blue clouds.¬† That nice, rich Russian Blue Cat kinda blue.¬† The kind, had it been cold outside, you would have expected to be¬†delivering snow.¬† Instead,¬†the sun was shining, the wind fiesty,¬†and it was a perfect beginning to the day.

I actually was slightly resenting the fact that I had class to attend, because I just felt like walking around listening to my music all day ūüôā¬† I might still do that, for a bit at least.¬† I’ve had an overall pretty crummy past few days, though I shouldn’t complain as it’s probably mostly my own fault!¬† Haha, that’s life.¬† But nothing makes me feel better when I’m down¬†than a good walk.¬† It makes me wonder about next year; if I move, I’ll have to think about that when deciding where to live…..

Yes, now I’m thinking about that, I definitely need to walk.¬† Definitely time to go down to¬†the water: windy, sunny, cloudy,¬†somewhat warm (season-considering), and some lifey stuff to think about……

Off I go….. ūüôā