An Ideal Vacation: Québec!

Hi all, back to some futuristic vacation planning!

Today’s Ideal Vacation province is Québec.  I have only been there a few times in my life, so I know very little about where to visit, just that it was fun when I went!

Make sure to take a trip during maple syrup time and go for the whole experience of a maple syrup shack.  I believe there are a few places out there that offer tours, but I’m waiting to hear back from one I think I’ve been to (because I don’t see tours listed on their site) to make sure I don’t give you false information!

Anyway, the experience of maple syrup taffy laid out and rolled on a block of packed snow onto a stick like a sucker….. well, that’s just priceless.  You’ll want another, so you might as well get two to start!

I remember walking along the streets in old Quebec City in the early summer, browsing local vendors’ works, enjoying the artsy-ness of the place.  Also, check out Château Frontenac — pretty cool (and huge!) building.

Montréal is gorgeous in the summer as well….. a very European feel to it with patios crowding the sidewalks and horse-drawn carriages rolling along cobblestone-like roads.  The carriage is definitely fun and worth the trip.

Have you been to Québec?  Got some other suggestions on where to go, and what to see and do?  Let me know in the comments section!