First Door

crushing petals just to get the scent
cracked bones for the main event
settled on fair
you’re settled there
resist just ‘cuz it’s tempting
you think it must be bad
and opportunities
like skipping stones
passed you by alone
synth fragrance middle field nowhere
indicates your lifetime there
you can’t convince me
you never hoped for more
and don’t curse the first door



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written June 12th, 2008.).


Ticket to Euphoria

the future is bold, but the present is bleak
a hum of twilight circling the tent
generally, often, a warmer feeling
sends me aloft, and there I’m found swinging in trees

unusually quiet for midwinter’s day
a wind has picked up and carried along
a parcel of fire, with jacket of teeth
spearing, soaring, destroying all things

a sound indicates the pass of the hour
ticking and eating and filing away
the grass sings again and then it crescendos
all the way up to the branches and me


Copyright L.M. 2005.