Cracker Jack Evaluation

So I bought a bag of Cracker Jack yesterday. It was one of those impulse things, where I decided I might feel like caramel corn in the next few days so I went ahead and got some. These are my notes:

  • For some reason, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, the caramel topping tasted burnt.  It looked dark, and maybe they were going for some rich molasses type of topping, but to me it just tasted like it was cooked too long.  Left a weird aftertaste in my mouth too.
  • A normal bag of caramel corn in my possession would be gone by now.  The fact that there’s still half left should indicate my enjoyment factor.
  • I’m not a fan of peanuts with my caramel corn.  They should have a peanut-less version!  Another idea: coloured caramel corn, like at fairs.  Sure, it tastes awful, but people buy it!
  • I decided Cracker Jack should go back to the boxes.  At least they’d be recyclable!….. I think.  Unless the stickiness prevented that, in which case, they should at least make the boxes biodegradable.  None of this plastic junk.
  • I know if I were a kid, and the “toy” was a set of 6 kinda boring stickers, I’d probably be disappointed.  Exciting stickers, not as much.  I admit I think the game of shooting peanuts over the different-point-valued stickers to win points could be a fun game, but probably more for adults who it takes a lot less to amuse these days.  Possibly drunk adults.

Overall rating: 6/10


The Impossible Point

Philosophy came early to me; I guess I always used to think a lot.  When it came time to sharpen my pencil, I’d often stare at the sharpest tip I could make, and realize how it was still rounded.  That’s when I came up with my Impossible Point idea.  Of course, it wasn’t new, and it certainly wasn’t Earth-shattering.  But it was at an early age, and without outside influence.  I just thought a lot.  I’d try to tell my friends (the ones who thought for themselves) and they would argue that no, I just wasn’t sharpening it enough.  They didn’t get it.

It was through those eyes that I realized how things aren’t always as they seem; when under a magnifying glass, everything changes.  Or, sometimes, it’s the exact opposite.  Sometimes, when looking too hard, when focusing too much on something near, you miss the main picture — you entirely miss the point.

And it’s always important to see the point….. rounded or not.