Even If It Is

look, a brand new colour
I thought I could escape
any time I wanted
you say, the lines of stress
drew your pool of fate
swimmingly haunted

when all the leaves turn over
you’re just (left) upside down
don’t turn around
don’t hand me over

look, a brand new lens
to tint the brand new hue
rosey, crisp, and clear
you say, if it isn’t clean
it’s not worth it
or even if it is

when all the cards turn over
you’re underground
hundred feet down
don’t pass/look/hand me over

and at the end of the tunnel
is just a new way down
at the end of this evening
of climbing around
an ounce of sound
could mean everything
to me

don’t pass me over
don’t pass me on
don’t say you’re over
don’t lead me on



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written June 13th, 2008.).