The Palace Under Snow

I’m pretty certain
if you didn’t know
there was once a palace
completely covered in snow
there weren’t many people
who knew where to go
but wondered about this palace
completely covered in snow
I thought you would see
the topic you should know
when we met at the palace
the palace under snow
but really you were searching
and hoped that it would show
somewhere beneath the surface
of the palace under snow
but it ended up nice and
spontaneous, you know
to have met up at the palace
completely under snow
I must admit, I heard much
more “yes” than I heard “no”
and the glow developed somewhere
in the palace under snow
sung loudly for an echo
shone brightly for a glow
all experience is heightened
in the palace under snow
if you find it, try to keep it
in your memory, do stow
the belief in a relief
in a palace under snow
if you need it, don’t deny it
because everyone should go
at some point to my palace
yes, my palace in the snow
Copyright L.M. 2008.


stinging burns the dry
pulling tight today
trying to set it up
and I look ridiculous
could you believe
it’s about time
she’s asking me
to make another appearance
shocking though it may be
it’s part of my defense now

a line upon my bottom lip
shaking from frustration
would you believe me
if I couldn’t be happier
since daily death leads fresh
to daily rebirth
and nothing’s more precious
than that sound of life
that view of life
this taste of life

a smell of deception
foul to the touch
with acrid hints
designs a fate:
much greater, hollow
like within a cave
where the echo
resounds its wave

mindful of a gilded hue
rosy-themed and crackling
sharpened wit adorns my view
stands alone attacking
saddled, ridden, oh the ride
blinds me now to take my eyes
sit atop the highest fence
and toss me down our common cents

Finished: 3:32 p.m., Wednesday, December 12th, 2007. (c.p.t., t.b.a.; a few edits finished around 3:46 p.m., same day.).