My Random Five-Ingredient Recipe (Chicken Paprikas)

Well I don't know how this all will come together, but just read the ingredients in order….. but there is an optional ingredient at the end so read them all first in case you want to add it!

Basically: sear chicken, add lots of water, add carrots, add potatoes, add paprika and salt, and simmer on medium for a couple of hours (the more you cook it, the better the flavours mix)……

The reason for cooking so much is, trust me, it's even better on the second day!!

Chicken (cheap thighs work great)
Sear chicken pieces in bottom of large pot. (A little oil might be needed)

Salted water
Pour over seared chicken pieces to 2/3 of the pot full. Simmer on medium.

Diced carrots (2 or 3 large)
Nope, just throw ’em in!

Bite-sized chucks of skinned potatoes (4 large or as many as you’d like)
Also, no, just toss them in.

A little paprika for flavour, more salt
To taste, but always remember you’ll be consuming more than a teaspoon at a time, so allow it to taste a little weaker than you’d like — you can always add a bit more at the table.

(Optional) 4 inches of the celery heart thingy
Sorry for the bad description, it’s the part of celery where all the stalks join, and you usually don’t eat it….. Throw it in at the beginning if you have one, it adds some nice taste. If you like celery a lot, feel free to chop up some stalks too, that’s also yummy.

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