in a scorched red building
on the thirteenth floor
see the ten candles sliced
watch as they drop down more
out the window a new hill
wasn’t there the day before
(wasn’t there the day before)
after pilots set their gaze
through the blackened night
death-grip on a promise
eyes frozen on site
out the window another pile
tell me now are you still right?
(are you still right?)
charging for the gates
tens of thousands of men
taste of fire and blood
drop to the hills again
all the faces blinded
bit by the dogs that guide them
seeth at the dogs that bind them
throw the flowers to the soil
they’ll never grow
see the luna moths congregate
then burn in the flames
simple ones to tame
belly-up in the lake
no weapon but the knife in his back
belly-up in the river
blue with the cold shiver
slivers of his spine
scattered along the shore
with pieces of his “holy” mind
and the sacred child
it’s all just rust and coal
you can see the cursed depth
of everything that won’t be left
rust and coal
stop beside the road
see the black plumes rise
sever the cloudless skies
and mark the stones with peaceful lies
sending them back
to the arms
of America

Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written May 10th, 2008.).


Day 10


¬† I didn’t go on the beach today.¬† I know!¬† Very sad.¬† However, in my defense, it was pretty cool here today.¬† As in, 10 degrees Celsius, and *very* windy.¬† People here were wearing touques, no word of a lie.¬† We were watching, amused, as a construction worker who was in charge of guiding traffic was trying to arrange his touque under his hardhat.¬† We had a good few minutes waiting to watch the hilarity.¬† It really was quite chilly though, especially considering two days before, I was getting a sunburn.

¬† In the morning, I went for a brunch cr√™pe at Julio’s, and chatted with him for a bit.¬† You Are Always On My Mind, sung by Elvis was playing, and¬†Julio sang a little as he prepared.¬† So entertaining ūüôā The cr√™pe was delicious of course……

¬† We went shopping today and I bought a few little things.¬† After, we went to Crabby Bill’s for my second crabs’ legs meal, and it was even better than the first….. actually quite a bit better.¬† The original location is still my fave.¬† On the drive back we saw quite a few of the rich rich people’s houses/mansions with their backyards on the beach facing the water…… it’s rumoured Tom Cruise had a home in that area, so we always joke about going to see if he’s still got his Christmas lights up.

¬† Somehow those seemingly few activities took up our entire day.¬† Tonight we might be off to play some pool, but we’ll see.¬† I have to get working on my applications so we might be tied up doing that instead.¬† Anyway, have a good night folks!

Day 3

Gorgeous day today.¬† It started off cloudy (my dad and I were going to go fishing but since it was cloudy, they decided to let me sleep in instead haha), but it was still fairly warm, and then the sun worked its way out and it became quite warm.¬† We went and did a few errands while it was still a bit overcast, and my mom and I played some tennis.¬† The sun came out during our 15 minutes (we’re both still coughing up a storm), so my mom decided it was too hot out for her and walked to the library to reserve the new Sue Grafton book.¬† (She later told me she was 123rd on the reserve list….. I’m not even kidding.)¬† So I went and hit against the wall…… man, it was¬†relentless.¬† (joke courtesy of¬†Mitch Hedberg ūüėČ )¬† I love hitting against the wall though.¬† I can serve and not have to go pick up balls for every minute of serving, if I make a mistake it still comes back to me….. it’s¬†just a good practice tool.¬† I did that for a bit, then we went back to the condo for lunch.¬† I went for a long walk along the Pass, well, many trips back and forth anyway.¬† Then I visited Julio at his cr√™perie and chatted a bit with him.¬† He’s still the one making the cr√™pes….. I don’t know how he’s managed all year, unless there is someone else trained and they just weren’t working.¬† I have a feeling the guy with him helping him prepare the stuff may have been there last year too.¬† I’d normally wonder if they were related but by the pale (in comparison) looks of him, maybe not!¬† The cr√™pe — strawberries and Nutella — was wonderful.¬† I wandered the Pass eating it, and saw many eyes drawn to it — one hispanic lady asked me what it was and where to find one….. after I’d passed I heard her say, “I want one of those!”¬† So Julio, there you go, some more business for ya!¬† Last year it was the same story — we’d walk around eating them, and would usually get stopped at some point with inquiries….. especially if my parents were also having one, because they’d usually have one with whipped cream which of course makes it look even more sumptuous.¬† I even got to hear Julio singing a little as he prepared it…..¬†quite the lungs, and not a bad singer either!¬† Elvis, of course ūüėČ ¬† After he’d finished making the cr√™pe, he thanked me for coming back and wished me a good trip if he didn’t see me before then,¬†at one point calling¬†me “princess” — which, from anyone else, might’ve been seen as strange or even sarcastic, but you just know he’s sincere.¬† He’s just¬†the type of person¬†who always makes you smile.¬†¬†¬† ūüôā

¬† After finishing my treat, I walked the beach for a bit, through the water one way, then on the water’s edge the way back.¬† Here’s my daily list:

  • Maddy!¬†and friend(?)
  • fishermen
  • fisherboys(?) with a net of little fishies they’d just caught, intending to use them as bait
  • 2 whistling construction workers ūüėé
  • again, not too many shells of interest (there haven’t been high winds lately, so that makes a difference)
  • a few butterfly shells appearing to be occupied (thrown back)
  • several sand fleas (dead)
  • 1 large crab — live!¬† He was in my path, scuttling around….. man was he cute.¬† I walked cautiously closer, and I guess frightened him because he lifted one of his front claws a bit above his head, threateningly….. it was hilarious and adorable at the same time.¬† I love crabs.¬† Anyway, I didn’t want to scare him too much but at the same time I didn’t want him to wash ashore and die (he appeared to be old….. I am aware they can come out the water normally haha), or stay in the shallow water to attack/get attacked by little kids, so I tried to usher him back towards the deeper water, even though the waves made me lose sight of him and I had to avoid getting pinched, myself!¬† He was definitely the highlight of my beachwalk.
  • 2 kids trying to bodyboard (again, waves <1 foot high…..)….. quite funny actually.
  • seagulls, herons, egrets, pelicans, skimmers, the little tiny birds that run around the shore…..
  • dolphins (well, that was when I was on the Pass — they were quite active today, almost jumping right out the water, splashing around playfully)….. actually I saw a few schools of them….. and moronic seadoers trying to get close and in the process frightening them away……¬† Seriously, let this be my one and only message to boaters: if you want to get close to dolphins or any sea creature for that matter, PLEASE turn off your engines!¬† If they want you around, they’ll swim TO you, you don’t have to be 5 feet away at all times.¬† Enjoy the scene, but don’t ruin it by scaring them or, Heaven forbid, hurting them.¬† Sure, you may have seen them following boats, but that’s up to them!¬† You¬†certainly are not going to tempt them by having¬†5 boats speeding toward them every time they surface.¬† The people on the Pass enjoy seeing them too, so have a little respect for the other viewers, as well as¬†the creatures themselves.¬† There.¬† I’m done.¬†¬†¬† ūüėõ
  • not many jellyfish today, maybe 2 little guys washed up
  • generally not much debris washed up either, actually….. good thing once in a while!
  • 1 gorgeous sun¬† ūüôā

Skies of a Different Blue

The sky was really cool today.

I never quite know how the weather’s going to be when I get up, even if I check my Weather Network toolbar thingy on my computer, so it’s always a bit of a gamble in terms of coat choice this time of year.¬† I went with my brown Fall jacket, and¬†was glad of it.¬† As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with a warm cool breeze (cool because it’s Fall and it’s expected to be a bit¬†cool, and warm because it had an unexpected¬†warmth¬†still left in it).¬† Over the park trees and over the Queen’s buildings, I could see in the distance blue clouds.¬† That nice, rich Russian Blue Cat kinda blue.¬† The kind, had it been cold outside, you would have expected to be¬†delivering snow.¬† Instead,¬†the sun was shining, the wind fiesty,¬†and it was a perfect beginning to the day.

I actually was slightly resenting the fact that I had class to attend, because I just felt like walking around listening to my music all day ūüôā¬† I might still do that, for a bit at least.¬† I’ve had an overall pretty crummy past few days, though I shouldn’t complain as it’s probably mostly my own fault!¬† Haha, that’s life.¬† But nothing makes me feel better when I’m down¬†than a good walk.¬† It makes me wonder about next year; if I move, I’ll have to think about that when deciding where to live…..

Yes, now I’m thinking about that, I definitely need to walk.¬† Definitely time to go down to¬†the water: windy, sunny, cloudy,¬†somewhat warm (season-considering), and some lifey stuff to think about……

Off I go….. ūüôā