Agreement scale for French Canada

Sometimes I find myself searching online for French translations of survey scales.  Since they’re sometimes hard to find, I’ll try to post ones I use on here, including their references to give due credit.

Today is an agreement scale for French Canada:

Strongly agree = Fortement d’accord
Agree = D’accord
Neither agree nor disagree = Ni pour ni contre
Disagree = Désaccord
Strongly Disagree = Fortement en désaccord


Thanks to Janet Harkness who explained it here.


Coldplay Concert Thoughts

This past Wednesday, I went with a friend to the Coldplay concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

There has been a lot of talk about the disappointment of some fans for various reasons, so I’d just like to add something of my own to the discussion.  Feel free to comment whether you agree, disagree, or add your own thoughts. Continue reading