Cold, Cold, Exerciseless Winter

There is something that’s bugged me about winter: the claim that you can be just as active in the winter months as in the summer months.  I believe this is annoyingly more difficult.  These are my reasons:

  • In the summer, you can step outside in a T-shirt and shorts.  In the winter, the amount of time spent getting ready to go outside is proportional to the amount of time you can stand the cold….. and unless you spent more than half an hour getting dressed, you’re not exercising very long out there.
  • In the summer, you can exercise with barely any equipment — you can walk, run, play soccer, play tennis, etc….. In the winter, to play a sport outside, you need a.) all your regular winter clothing, b.) to get to a place with a decent amount of snow or ice, c.) expensive equipment like skis, snowboard (exception: skating), d.) access to a place that looks after said snow or ice.
  • If you want to work out in a gym in the winter, it’s a.) harder to get to (unless you have one in your building already), b.) it’s still an expense to join (unless it’s free to your building), and c.) you have to rent a locker to put your massive amounts of winter clothing.

I wanna move down South!  🙂

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