Animal mania

I miss animals.

I like living in the city for certain aspects — being close to businesses of every kind, being “where the action’s at”, walks in the evening with all the lights lit up around you….. it can be great.  But heck, do I miss my animals.

I rent a condo and I believe part of my tenant’s agreement involved a no pet clause, and besides, I’m not home often enough where I feel I’d be able to give them a good home in my tiny place.  I’m in a transitionary point in my life, where I’ve got all the education I need right now, and can’t decide what would be a good career for me, so no point in my settling in my place when who-knows-what could happen.  And after moving my kitty about 4 times before he passed away, I don’t want to subject another pet to constant moving.

I was looking online for the nearest pet store/humane society, and only am finding stores that sell pet goods — not pets.  I could go to the dog park and stalk a puppy….. but that might look weird.

Where can one go to get their dose of animals??!!

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