Sometimes Coding Can Be Fun (once you’ve given up on your sanity)

Hi all.

Today I’ve been translating some coding, which in itself is nothing exciting.  However, sometimes you get a gem that just makes you crack up (both laugh/lose your sanity).  Here’s that process:

  • Translate: “il n’y a pas assez de produit qui ont de gnos format” to English
  • “There are not enough products that have large sizes”
  • Have devil on shoulder call out, “What if they meant to type “gnos” and you’re just assuming they meant “gros”?”
  • Curse devil silently, open
  • Start typing in “gnos”, go with suggestion of “gnose”
  • See that it suggests “gnosis” in English
  • What the heck is “gnosis” in English?  Go to definition.
  • Realize that would mean they didn’t have enough products that had “knowledge of spiritual mysteries”.
  • Giggle to self; trust translation instincts just a little bit more.

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