Ms. Compy Fix-It’s PowerPoint Oddity

Hi, it’s Ms. Compy Fix-It again.

About a week ago, I discovered an oddity in PowerPoint 2007. I received a file from my boss that I was to work on that had many text boxes with bulleted points in them. Sometimes when I would hit Enter to get a new bullet, and tab to make it a sub-bullet, when I went to type, it shifted me to a blue-background off-screen, where my typing was now one letter per line, typing vertically. I have no idea what made it do this, but my traditional methods of fixing it (format painting from a text box that was working; backspacing and trying again; backspacing, deleting, and trying again; moving the tab stop over manually; removing all formatting; clearing all indents; centering, then re-left-justified-ing to reset the paragraph format; creating a new text box and copy-pasting the current text and trying again…..) ….. did not work.

My boss has acknowledged she is not great with computers, but I find it hard to believe she did this — it seems more like an incompatibility of something to me. It’s possible she was using a file from one of the partners who have Macs.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know how to fix it without just creating a brand new text box and re-writing the text?


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