Stuff in the Backseat of Your Car

So I’m on the bus, in traffic.  With a laptop, a laptop plug, and internet access, I thought I’d write a post.  Not knowing anything better to write about, and wanting desperately to ignore my insane hunger at this moment, I’m going to tell you what I see in the backs of people’s cars.

  • a tennis racquet
  • a Metro Play newspaper
  • an empty childseat
  • 2 humans (weird)
  • something fluorescent green
  • a mysterious envelope — too long for pictures, too narrow for papers…..
  • fuel (hey, it’s a tanker truck, it doesn’t have backseats)
  • another empty childseat (what happened to all the children?)
  • a duotang. Oh yes, they still exist.
  • a red Canada bag
  • many many boxes
  • small human sleeping in childseat (yay!)
  • wow, lots of tinted windows, guys. don’t you know that severely impacts my blog’s chance for success?
  • purse (yes, it was that large to warrant a seat to itself)

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