Muse Familiarity?

Can anyone tell me why Muse’s new song, Uprising, sounds so darn familiar?

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The best I’ve been able to think of are two similarities: the beginning reminds me a LOT (so much so, I’ve mistaken it several times now for a possible cover/remix) of Billy Idol’s White Wedding.

The other is Beethoven’s 7th symphony, just in the spine-chilling chord progression.  If I’m remembering theory correctly, Muse’s song is playing with the harmonic minor dissonance, though I’m not sure about Beethoven’s.

Beethoven’s 7th, played by The Berliner Philharmoniker

It sounds VERY much like it’s from a movie, but considering it just came out, that seems unlikely.  If anyone thinks of something that sounds similar that I might be thinking of, let me know!


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