On The Beach: Day 3

Click below to see what I found on the beach today…..



  • sponges, jellyfish, as per usual
  • couple random blocks of wood
  • 3 cigarette butts, 1 cigarette holder
  • 1 pink ball — a little bigger than a Skittle
  • 1 sand….. creature?  It was bucket-shaped, with shells stuck in it.  I think the intention was there for a sand snowman, but the creativity and persistence was a bit lacking.
  • 1 pelican who caught at least 2 fish in a span of about 5 minutes while I was watching.  Okay, so this was from the Boardwalk, but it was after I walked on the beach and it’s beachy so it counts!
  • several sea urchins, dead
  • 1 claw? tooth?  I think it was a crab claw but didn’t recognize where it would have been on a crab body.  I took a picture of it, it will be posted soon.
  • 1 candy wrapper

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