On The Beach is back! Day 1/2 and Day 1

It’s back!!!!

Yes, that’s right.  The daily fix of On The Beach!

And already I need to catch up for yesterday.

Click below to see what I’ve found so far…..


Day 1/2:

  • lots of stranded jellyfish of varying sizes
  • a few horseshoe crabs
  • 1 tiny crab shell
  • 1 cat’s paw shell, both sides still attached
  • 1 sea urchin
  • 1 sea can (a can that’s been absolutely destroyed from the sea!  haha)

Day 1:

  • more stranded jellyfish
  • a few more horseshoe crabs
  • 1 fishing boat just offshore collecting their goods
  • not much else.  It was actually kinda cool out  😉

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