A Retrospective



in retrospect, which was worse?
years of inner torture
or finding its basis in a lie?
I couldn’t believe it
but the confession proved
beyond all doubt
that my future lay ahead without him
I guess it wasn’t surprising when,
a year later,
honesty drew me in
(even when it was a warning!)
we walked to the same beat
the pace was comfortable
and I fell into it, but it was not there
so I just fell
Well, what could be done next?
a stable impression,
a self-discovering process
where I could help!
and I was a rock
but it was in a hard place
one that never would separate
for me in between
So, what now?
feelings of disappointment
from promises I’d made
and naïveté
but appreciation
that nothing worked out
as once hoped
would I have been happy? Not likely
my desire to be everything
would have left me with nothing
so I am grateful
for those who mirror me in that way
and everything is rich
and best of all,

Copyright L.M. 2009.


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