The Watcher (continued, yet again)



None of my regulars are up tonight.  Granted, it’s 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night, and even the streets are empty as far as I can see.  It always amuses me when I see empty streets and street lights that still change, completely oblivious of their inutility.

I walked to work this morning through the building opposite from me.  I forgot the big-city rule never to look into people’s eyes as you pass, and got a confused glare from an elderly lady getting into the elevator.  They have big signs up around the lobby area instructing residents to protect themselves from the flu.  Cough into your elbow, not your hand.  Don’t touch your mouth or face.  Stay away from people who are coughing.  I wonder if residents read the signs.  I continued on to work.

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