The Sky of Many Suns



I heard the distant slam and slowly
one by one, high-pressured halides flicker on
hum and flare, blinding till
the dusk is day again
catching the wings of mosquitoes and moths
caught off-guard and spiraling
toward the sky of many suns
like place-markers in a board game
three men stand in white, distant
hands on thighs
focused eyes
all on me
closer, though, three others
protective glances at one another
clap hands together
to test the leather
against me
one man, crouched alone
seems unlike the rest
catlike and fierce, he can’t be still
his feet barely brushing grass
he looks like he reads the future
and sees me
I hear a sound behind me — I start —
but like a toad, squatted
covered heavily in black
voice scratchy and muffled, he commands
someone past me
the final man, token of all evil
looming larger than life
hands by his waist
then his face
he waits
slit eyes to pierce any heathen soul
like mine
but my eyes are set
and I’m ready to run
I don’t know what’s coming
but it will happen fast
and maybe I’m dreaming
but more than anything
I’m sure tonight I’ll be
safe at home

Copyright L.M. 2009.


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