Level I



my words are blank
I see a world so different
and it’s killing me inside
I know
there is no you
and my tears fell
there is no you
I’m so angry
because there’s no other feeling here
so dull
so lifeless
I don’t want anything but passion
so unrenewable
despair creeps so watchfully
the alarm outside like the buzzing in my ears
yelling at me “GO”
go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
I can’t even make it fall!
oh such lights
such infidel lights
they blink out the pain they see
staring right back at me
and I need something new
something beautiful
to keep me alive
to satisfy
this time it’s real
this pain I can’t feel
it’s so crushing, yeah
but I best be alone
while this craziness
finds a new home

Copyright L.M. 2009.


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