Disgrace / Garden of Ill



going back to the old days
not so golden
the borderline crazy
it never struck her
as much as it did you
all the pennies in the world lined up
would just weigh you down
gorgeous flask
filled to the brim with courtesy
and taste and tact
but you never drink
to h*** with all that poison
it never suited you, no, it never fit
as my fingers are turning blue
I shake my head
I’ve fallen to the floor again
I’m dead
black is beautiful
and you know it’s oh so true
it never cuts the eye as does the colour blue
you say you’ve signed away your life
does it hurt?
with the crumpling and burning
so fickle, oh so fickle
chasing the meaning down the street
across the yard
until you reach where you’ve been before
well, you can go again
but don’t be a fool
they say stupidity is doing the same
and expecting a different end
after all this time
if you know nothing else
know that best days are for more than dying
and sushi, to some, is just raw fish
know that your words make me a winner
know that it’s ungrateful to wish
know that your conscience is troubled
though its back has been turned
if nothing else, disgraceful lover
it is this I hope you’ve learned

Copyright L.M. 2009.

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