Diary of a Madwoman



I’m sober
it doesn’t matter
I’m glimmering
shimmering in the limelight
beautiful in many ways
and in many ways scarred
it hasn’t been hard
it’s just been
there’s really no thought to it
every day I wake up breathing
every night I try to sleep
to make it more would be…..
there’s plenty of room for reality
somewhere else
I’m stellar
matter from the cosmos
literally, I guess
and do I ever shine!
but sometimes, I get the urge
and it’s strange to say, to die
if I knew I could come back
an experience I’ve never known
and will never get to share
and sometimes, I think it’s good
that I don’t have access to danger
because I’m afraid I’d lay down for it
and the beauty of destruction
it’s a freedom of mindlessness
or maybe the truth behind all thought
no one has the right to deny the chance
that we might all be mad
and that empathy is a path for the wicked
well, stick around then
and maybe I can teach you how to read
the diary of a madwoman
Copyright L.M. 2009.

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