Wish List (new poem)



I want a man who cries from laughter
a man who only takes when given
someone who’ll love my social disasters
someone who’ll beg to be forgiven
I want a man too strong to not cry
someone who’ll give more than take
a man glad to be by my side
a man whose beauty isn’t fake
someone not too proud to chase
if I were too important to lose
a man who admits to his mistakes
but doesn’t use them as an excuse
I want a man who thinks of me
even when I’m not nearby
a man who’d rather give up pleasure
than see me in my morals die
I want a man who laughs from crying
who aches to just hear me breathe
a man who’ll never stop trying
to be the perfect man for me
Copyright L.M. 2009.

One thought on “Wish List (new poem)

  1. Chica February 17, 2009 / 11:45 pm

    That’s an amazing poem!

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