Fall (a poem) (2006)



tend to the flowers
tend to the hair
the problem is with me
the problem has always been here
as I’ve swept all the cobwebs and dust
from my life
all my trust
has settled on someone who’s here
and not there
a request
that has sometimes encouraged a loss
so I turned
to money and hate and the frost
has settled
replacing the dew on my fate
and I’ve lost
my whimsical dream
a foreign thought now
had nurtured a goal so grossly shallow
I had followed the feature to encover more
of my dwindled talents
and mounting obsessions
as well as my newly-discovered addictions
but what could you find?
a loss of a minute
a loss of a lifetime
and sadly I read all this prose
spelling out my mistake
in carefully-drawn letters:
Y O U  C H O S E
Copyright L.M. 2006.  (Written March 5th, 2006.).

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