Day 11 (2nd to last full day)

On the Beach:

  • 1 fully-soaked book.  I tried to toe through it to find out which book it was, but it was so soaked that it appeared as it it had no cover — that it was a circular book….. like a rollodex or something.  It had probably ~400 pages, and I suspect it was a Harlequin novel.
  • “surfers” trying to surf on the <1 foot waves  🙂
  • 1 buoy
  • 1 crate appearing to have been living in the depths of the sea (ocean) for a long time, with a black rope attached
  • several pieces of ropes, different lengths and colours
  • several orange rind pieces
  • 1 Daiquiri Deck cup (which I used for some shells)
  • Godfather Seagull
  • a few parasailers
  • 1 abandoned construction lift machine thingy (tyke size)
  • 1 man on a bike who talked me up a bit then went on his way…..
  • said man on bike who returned a while later, and asked me for a New Year’s kiss  😆
  • sand castles, as always….. 1 I noticed even had thought of steps down into the lower level haha
  • 1 sand snowman and 1 snowwoman (she had a seashell bikini)!!  They appeared to be possibly obese, considering there didn’t appear to be much differentiation between their upper and lower torsos….. kinda blobs, really.  haha.  Also 1 sand snowman who was much tinier in stature.
  • 1 large sand sculpture (raised letters, looked quite nice) “GO HAWKS!”
  • 1 smaller sand writing of “HAWKS” further down the beach
  • 1 sand sculpture of what I thought was a hammerhead shark (which I was surprised about, considering it’s a fairly odd first pick of sand sculptures for someone to make), which was actually an alligator
  • 1 sand dolphin sculpture which was actually very good — raised sculpture with a flat top which was covered in tiny shells so it looked decorated
  • 2 games of volleyball (mostly shirtless males playing)
  • 1 sand love-writing (“I ♥ Cayley” or whatever her name actually was, lucky gal!)  They were about my age, arms around each other’s shoulders, sitting on the beach together.  Adorable (heart-wrenching) sight.
  • 1 very large expanse of cloud that came right as I came back from my very long walk (longest I’ve been so far), and just covered the sun so I could take pictures of before and after.
  • -1 pair of sandals.  When I got back, my sandals were gone!
  • 1 beautiful sun!

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