Day 10

Here we go again, your daily list:

  • sandcastles, conical-shaped structures, fortresses, one with two barrier walls, communities haha, you name it.
  • 1 papa seagull.  Seriously, the dude was massive.  It was like he was the Godfather of the Seagulls.  I took a picture of him.
  • a few orange peels, including one that was being snacked upon by another seagull.
  • 1 abandoned gray shovel, category: too small to build anything of worth, apparently.
  • several fisherpeoples.  2 kids fishing — one with a rod, the other with a net — who had a bucket with about 5 or 6 little fishies swimming around.  Those were the same ones I was walking in the water with yesterday, searching for shells.
  • 1 dime.  From 2003.  Looked from 1903.  I actually thought it was a penny at first.
  • 1 oddly out-of-place glass “stone” people put in vases to decorate them.  Has an iridescent quality to it.  (Side note: it took me a while to figure out the real word I was meaning there; I had effervescent in my mind, but realized that wasn’t what I meant, so I had to do a search for words ending in “escent”, and finally found it.  Haha, the joys of the internet — in the old days, that would’ve driven me nuts for as long as it took me to actually remember the word!)
  • 2 (at least) parasailers
  • lots of people!!
  • 1 beautiful sun

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