Day 9

Yesterday, I walked for so long, I’m not sure I remember most of what I saw.


The beaches this year are devoid of a lot of exciting things, because the weather has been so nice….. no storms to jostle up the waters.  In spite of this fact, here is yesterday’s daily list as I can recall:

  • 1 absolutely perfectly gorgeous shell.  You can even hear the ocean in it 😉  Quite possibly the best I’ve ever found, certainly the best of its kind that I’ve ever found.
  • several castles, villas, and shacks made of sand.  One appeared to be a village of bucket-shaped houses.
  • fishing line….. mostly just clear
  • LOTS of fishies!!  Range: small fishies (about 4-5 inches), smaller fishies (1-2 inches), to tiny fishies!!  (less than a centimetre!)
  • several short pieces of thick rope — most of them black — some with knots tied in them
  • many pieces of orange rind!
  • many butterfly shell creatures, digging themselves back into the sand
  • many conch shells, but in older condition
  • many many people!!
  • 1 gorgeous sun (which burns!!)

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