Day 8

Today we went to the flea market — but not just any flea market, the Big Wheel Flea Market.  I’ve never seen another like it, and we’ve been going for years.  Mostly it’s just junk, but good for picking up random things for cheap, like VHS/DVD movies, CDs, etc……  After that, we went to Cajun Cafe on the Bayou, which is an amazing restaurant that’s literally on a bayou.  Today, three guys were fishing across the water from us.  It’s a beautiful hidden-away place, with a Mardi Gras theme.  We had a fun server named Laura, and the owner, Paul, is always really nice to chat with.  It isn’t unheard-of for there to be alligators in the bayou, so throwing food in the water is discouraged (plus, the birds!!).  That’s the kind of natural atmosphere we’re talkin’ about.  Oh, and last year, a couple of the customers came by kayak and just pulled up on the shore beside the restaurant, which I thought was pretty darn cool.  My dad and I had Shrimp Po’Boys (shrimp fried in a cajun-spiced batter, onions sliced thin and fried in the same spicy batter, shredded lettuce and a bit of mayo on a long bun, with a spicy sauce on the side to add if you want), and my mom had a fried shrimp platter with some sort of bean and sausage side that looked interesting.  SO good.

Later, I went for a run and turned myself bright colours.  If there were such a thing as fluorescent red, I would be it.  Then, watched the sunset, and made a short walk on the beach to discover these things for my list:

  • 1 bee, sadly deceased
  • 1 sand seaturtle, which prompted me to draw 2 of my own with my toe, inscribing beside the second one: “see turtle swim!! 🙂 “
  • several sand castles, or villas, or whatever you might like to call them.  I laughed because one of them was quite clearly made with a small cup, and pretty much only got to the “wall” stage, before I assume they gave up.
  • 3 fisherboys
  • 1 Maddy!!!!  (the resident blue heron)  He walked toward me on the pier, then I realized he was just after the little piece of bait a few metres away from me.
  • 1 piece of fluorescent green sponge
  • a few cigarette butts (bums!)
  • 1 beautiful sunset

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